5 Winter Sports You Should Try This Winter

With extreme sports gaining popularity, the winter months have become the most exciting time of the year. Using the betting calculator before we place a wager on a winter sport is not the only thing we can do – we can actually try some of these sports ourselves. Extreme sports can also be quite dangerous, so it’s important to select the right locations and ensure that you use the right pieces of equipment before you embark on your winter expeditions. But, which ones should you try this winter? Here are a few suggestions:

Snow Kiting

A sport similar to water-based kiteboarding, snowkiting is a fun winter activity. In the last decade, snowkiting has gained enormous attention. Kite power is used to slide down snow-covered terrains. Modern kites are most commonly inflatable, but racing foil kites are the newest ones. Snowkiting is becoming more and more fun, and the experience of participating in the sport is becoming much safer and more enjoyable.

Snow Kayaking

More and more people are learning how to kayak in the snow, turning it into a trendy winter sport. Snow kayaking is an exciting sport that mixes snowboarding, kayaking, and speed riding, so it’s like enjoying all three adventure sports. An Austrian group of kayakers got the idea in 2002. As with other winter sports, snow kayaking also requires the use of protective winter equipment, such as eye gear, helmets, and clothing that protect athletes from harsh winds and water spray.


Snowboarding is also a great snow sport that you should try. In this sport, riders slide down a snowy surface on a snowboard attached to their feet. Skiing and snowboarding have some key differences, such as the use of poles in snowboarding, and the use of softer boots for greater flexibility when snowboarding. This sport has been receiving increased attention since the 1960s. When snowboarding was made part of the Olympic Winter Sports in 1998, it gained a tremendous amount of popularity.

Ice Diving

Extreme sports like ice diving are also a great way to keep busy over the winter. Diving in the ice is not as simple as many other sports, and it involves life-threatening risks as well. The sport also demands special equipment. As its name indicates, ice diving involves diving beneath the ice. An emergency surface crew is always on hand for ice diving emergencies. Consequently, ice diving is a team sport and cannot be done alone. There should always be a safety diver present while doing ice diving, just in case anything goes wrong.

Speed Flying

Another risky and exciting winter sport to keep you motivated this winter. Speed flying is a form of paragliding, so advanced paragliding skills and skiing skills are required. In the same way as paragliding, speed flying is also performed from a slope with inflated wings above your head. In contrast to paragliding, you will notice that the wings of the glider are smaller. The smaller diameter of the wing also makes it more suitable during heavy wind conditions, which allows it to fly closer to mountainous regions.

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