Ways to Entertain Yourself During Long Travels

All of us were faced with the prospect of a long car or plane journey at least once in our lifetime. We’re all used to using our phones during this time, whether chatting with our friends or checking out the bonus offer from Resorts casino. However, what happens when your mobile phone battery is dead, and you don’t have anywhere to plug in the charger, or there is no outlet to plug in your laptop?

The problem is that many of us too much rely on technology, and it’s turned us into lazy travelers. In case your entertainment system is non-existent, we got a couple of games to keep you entertained long enough to stop asking the annoying question: “Are we there yet?”

Choose Good Music

Good energetic, fast-paced music can serve as a good distraction during long travels and can make the hours pass much faster. Having a high-quality stereo system helps a lot. If you want to create a great atmosphere in the car, play some famous movie soundtrack or infectious retro tunes and sing along with your family. The music will not only create fun ambiance but also keep the driver awake.

Bring a Book

A good selection of a novel is always a great distraction when all other lights go out and your entertainment system fails. You can essentially bring any piece of paper or even a fully stocked Kindle. Also, you can obtain some audiobooks for the trip so everyone can listen and discuss it together.  

Choose Your Own Adventure

Traveling by car without Google Maps is almost unimaginable nowadays, and regardless of our travel destination, we fanatically trust that GPS will take us to the desired location. But what happens when you lose that satellite along the way? Instead of panicking, you could let your companions navigate – worst case scenario, you end up in a cool, new neighborhood you’d never have discovered.

Watch a Movie/TV Show

If you brought your laptop with you on your trip, you could download a TV show you’ve been meaning to watch. As a matter of fact, you should download the whole season before the trip, in case your Wi-Fi receiver crashes during the journey. Also, you could always watch a nice road trip movie – Hollywood always had a soft spot for them.

Play a Memory Game

Memory game also called the Picnic Game and the Casserole Game – a great game that works well for both adults and children alike. One passenger says “I’m going to school and I want…” followed by whatever comes in his or her mind. The next passenger has to remember the item and add something on his own to the story. Not getting the part of the story right results in instant dismissal.

Play 20 Questions

This is one of the most entertaining car games. Passengers pick any person in the world, and the other players have to guess it by asking 20 questions. More competitive players will probably opt out for enigmatic personalities to win, but we recommend to chose someone familiar to keep the game fresh. We wouldn’t want our granny or granddad to fall asleep.

Use Windows As Canvasses

If you are traveling with kids, you should know that whiteboard markers can be used on windows without leaving a permanent stain. Of course, you have to make extra sure that you bought dry-erase markers, not permanent ones. Your kids will love it, and you can erase it with a pair of gloves for erasing or an old face washer.

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