3 Efficient Ways of Turning Your Exercise Into a Game

A lot of jobs today are sedentary, and people seem to be suffering much due to this fact. Health organizations report on a stable increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes, due to the inactive lifestyles that people lead. Upon deciding to join a gym or go for a run, you are most likely to realize that motivation and desire can soon fade away.

There are many reasons why this happens, and one of it is that some people don’t feel too comfortable joining the gym and working out with others. They might feel inferior and somewhat less worthy if they are not in top form. This lack of self-esteem can lead to people soon dropping out and not achieving their original goals. However, there are ways in which people can get extra motivated to exercise and be fit and healthy.

One of those ways is what is now referred to as the gamification process. The process of gamification includes taking a workout program and implementing game mechanics into it with the desire to boost motivation and increase engagement in the workout. The gaming world attracts millions of people who could use such motivation as medical studies suggest they are more likely to be prone to obesity and other health problems.

This gamification comes in various shapes and sizes. Starting from creating your system of rewards and accomplishments, to using state-of-the-art devices that keep track of your fitness level, turning your exercise into a game will prove a success. Here’s how to do it.

Level Your Progress

If you structure your workout regimen as you usually see leveling in a game, that might do the trick. There is certain gratification that comes from reaching a higher level, and it feels like climbing the rungs on a ladder to the final goal. Make sure you establish different levels of difficulties, as you are looking to make progress, and progress comes with hard work. Each level should be more difficult than the last.

Use Fitness Apps and Technology

The use of fitness apps that always monitor your progress is a constructive way of maintaining motivation. The research teams of the University of Iowa and Fitbit have come up with an idea of combining technology and fitness in an app called MapTrek. The users wear one of Fitbit’s products that measure steps, heart rates, distances, and other parameters that are later processed through MapTrek program. MapTrek then moves an avatar in sync with Google maps with the corresponding range to that of the user. The avatar marks your path in real time, and the calculated covered distance can be used for competing against fellow users on leaderboards, thus monitoring your progress as well. The maps you can select are various, so you might choose to run across a desert or the Grand Canyon. Google Street View allows you to see real images of places you have gone through.

Fitness Games

In addition to technology and specialized fitness apps, there are many fitness games you can play to help you boost your exercises. Games, such as Zombie Run, let you use your time on the treadmill in a more exciting way than usual. As the name suggests, you are being chased by ferocious Zombies, and you need to get a move on and run if you think of escaping. There are 200 unique missions, so you won’t feel bored accomplishing these tasks. Just put on your headphones and listen to your mission while running or walking.


It is good to know that you have something to rely on when going gets tough and the motivation lacks. The important thing is to remember to keep going until you have reached your fitness goal.

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