Best Adventure Games for PC Gamers

The market for video games is vast, and there is a ton of different categories and video game genres. Each category has its own criteria on how to differentiate between the playable, good, great and outstanding video games in the same way the 22Bet bonus offers an outstanding boost to your betting efforts. Adventure games, in particular, have very specific criteria on how to distinguish between the playable and outstanding ones. For example, while other video games focus on graphics and popularity or on joining in on an already popular theme, adventure games are solely story driven. For an adventure game to be truly outstanding, it needs to have a unique in-depth story so that the players can fully immerse into the gameplay.

Life Is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment, 2015

Dontnod Entertainment managed to do what every game developer in this genre strives to achieve as Life Is Strange is one of the most immersive video games in the genre. The touching story follows the main protagonist by the name of Max Caulfield. Seemingly a normal girl, this nervous photography senior discovers that she has the power to rewind the time and make different choices, which precisely is the thing that makes Life is Strange so unique. Every choice, and there’s a lot of them, differently affects the storyline and character development. Life Is Strange was such a success that the creators of the video game immediately started working on a sequel.

The Walking Dead: Season One, Telltale Games, 2012

The Walking Dead: Season One is a stunning masterpiece by Telltale Games based on one of the most popular television series of today bearing the same name. While heavily influenced by the series, the video game is set in a different scenario and includes different characters. The main protagonist is Lee Everett, a convicted prisoner. On his way to prison, a car accident happens, and he is set free once again. However, the freedom has a bittersweet taste as he realizes that the world is overrun by the walking dead. Similar to Life Is Strange, the storyline is affected by selecting different options and different dialogue. Some of the decisions are timed so you’d have to be quick on your toes; otherwise, the other characters will interpret your silence as an answer.

Unavowed, Wadjet Eye Games, 2018

Unavowed is a point-and-click game about a demon running rampant through the fictional New York City. After a series of supernatural events, your character wakes up on a rooftop surrounded by a group of mysterious people. You find out that they are the Unavowed, a group of demon-hunting and crime-fighting detectives bent on solving mysteries and puzzles and the only one capable of stopping the demon. However, here’s where things get interesting. The Demon? It’s you. And you are the newest member of their group.


The three games we mentioned are just some of the many currently available. When selecting which game to play, the most important part is choosing one with the setting that intrigues you the most because the more you like the story, the more you will enjoy the video game.

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