4 Best Sports Activities for All Ages

The undeniable salubrious effect that sport has on people makes it almost an imperative if you are looking to have a long and healthy life. Although longevity is not only conditioned with practicing sports, it surely helps to be active, especially in the long run. One of the major concerns, for the elderly in particular, is what sort of activities are right for them and if they will be capable of performing them safely. Our article aims at dispersing all doubt regarding the sports activities and will present a couple of sports that are best for recreation and are suitable for all ages. So you may have guessed that we won’t advise you to play football, even if it’s a very good sport to practice for your health, because of course at 60, it’s too difficult, if not dangerous.


One of the most popular leisure activities practiced around the world is hiking. People of all ages welcome it as it is not necessarily so strenuous as you might think. Hiking involves walking at a moderate pace across hills and ravines that usually offer spectacular views. Even though the terrain might seem demanding, frequent breaks and stops for hydration will make it convenient for all. As far as equipment is concerned, good hiking boots and a walking stick is all you need, apart from great attitude and energy. You can enjoy this activity with all members of your family since it is appropriate for both children and adults.


The positive effect swimming has on our body and health is a well-known fact, and for a good reason at that. Swimming activates a wide range of muscles in a person’s body and allows for growth and development. Besides toning the muscles and keeping up a heart rate, swimming can be seen as quite a relaxing activity designed to relieve you from stress. With swimming, children will develop healthy bodies and good posture, whereas the elderly and adults can benefit from improved coordination and overall balance.


Cycling is one of the most common activities people practice throughout the year. A bicycle should not only be considered as a means of transportation but also as a tool for burning calories, activating the muscles and maintaining proper blood circulation. Cycling can also serve as a good way of spending time with your family. Parents and grandparents can teach youngsters how to ride the bicycle and instruct them on how to act in traffic while cycling.


Running is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports that attracts people of all generations. Running boosts your overall strength and conditioning, and you can modify it to your present physical state. Namely, if we are talking about the running pace, you start slow, with race walking and build up from there. Running helps you burn around 1,000 calories an hour with the speed of 8 mph, so it is beneficial for keeping you fit as well. We know that taking your children and grandchildren out for a walk can quickly turn into a sprint, so it is good to prepare yourself for such a race.


It is impossible to stress enough what sport can do for our health and overall well-being, so it is of utmost importance to urge people of all ages that are in a position to practice sport to do so and bring about a tremendous positive change in their lives. Remember the Latin saying that says: “Mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind in a healthy body.  

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