Top 3 VR Sport Games You Can Use As Recreation

The world of gaming is evolving at a remarkable pace, and it seems it won’t stop any time soon. The newest direction in which it is headed is virtual reality. The VR equipment has taken the world of gaming by storm, with game developers creating video games specifically made for VR. What you need to embark on this journey of sensations are VR goggles. There are many different varieties of goggles, but they mostly differ on account of their manufacturer and the gaming platform they operate on.

The main characteristic of VR is that it brings a new sense of space and reality to you, allowing you to assume different roles and become a hero in your own right. The avatars in the game respond directly to your movements in real space and time, thus bridging the gap between real life and that of video games. Apart from the amusement it undoubtedly brings, VR games can be used in recreation purposes, and here is where VR sports games come to play.

With VR sports games, players are given the chance of becoming premier athletes and will be able to compete on the highest level. Furthermore, the games can be beneficial on the level of exercise and training. Namely, certain games we will discuss here require substantial physical movement on the part of the player, which means that you can even work up a sweat while playing.


Box VR is the newest release on Oculus Rift device and Steam. Box VR lets the players train like boxers by completing various tasks and collecting different rewards. The game requires no short amount of working out, focusing on movement and jabs every boxer has in his arsenal. One of the most positive aspects of this game is that it can make the player genuinely fit and in a better overall physical condition.

The Climb

The Climb is a VR game available on Oculus Rift that lets you try scaling the walls and cliffs in a free climbing simulation so realistic that it will make you feel like you are ascending the mountain. Developed by Crytek and CRYENGINE, The Climb features different styles of climbing with different tasks you need to complete in order to accomplish your mission. Free Solo mode allows you to explore the environment and caves while trying to find shortcuts to the peak. You can also compete with other players and try to win rewards in the Multiplayer mode. Bouldering mode makes you climb intense routes using perfect technique, whereas the Tourist mode is a good way of learning the ropes of the game, no pun intended.  

VR Sports Challenges

If you have ever wondered what it is like to captain a professional football or hockey team, look no further. VR Sports Challenges lets you pick your sporting arena and compete with your teammates on Oculus Touch platform that brings never-before-seen experience in VR. You can choose from a variety of sports that include football, baseball, hockey, and basketball.  

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